1/5 Of All Car Crashes In Bulgaria Caused By Young Drivers

One fifth of the accidents in Bulgaria are caused by young drivers who have less than two years of experience. This means that something is not done right in the training. More than 96% of road accidents are caused by drivers’ fault, according to the industry.

Krassimir Georgiev of the Association of Motorists’ Qualification in Bulgaria told BTA that there is no prospect of getting closer to the other EU countries by the number of victims that are much less than those in Bulgaria. 31 hours are inadequate for training, he pointed out, and recalled that there are also schools that offer training for 250 BGN, which in itself speaks of the quality.

From the beginning of the year 272 people died on Bulgaria’s roads.

Yonko Ivanov of the Association of Auto-Moto Training Teachers stated that the purpose of each course is to have the candidate take a driver license. In the provisioned classes there is no time for the students to drive in the night, in traffic and on the highway, he said. We want a map of the places where there are many accidents, so one part of the classes could be carried out there.

Vladimir Andonov from Traffic Police said that the Ministry of the Interior supports the increase of the driving hours during the training and added that in the first one or two years after they get their driver license the drivers continue to learn practically.

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