1,600 Goverment Administrators To Be Layed Off In First Wave Of Layoffs

The first wave of layoffs in the administration will cover 1600 people, making less than 2% of the total number of civil servants. Each ministry will be affected by the first cuts. That explains Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev to bTV.

He added that only two ministries have not yet offered him a workflow optimization plan, so it is unclear how many people working in them will be covered by the first cuts. In his words, whole units will be closed, but all this will happen in March or April.

“There is a duplication of units and I will give an example – one unit in the ministry and the same in an agency that is subordinated to the ministry, there is tension in the administration, no one likes layoffs,” Donchev said.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that the e-Procurement system is now ready and is currently in the test mode. He specified that “it will not be like the toll system”, recalling the fail of the launch of online vignette sales.

“First, we will join some ministries and agencies to try it out, and it takes a few months to train the specialists,” added Tomislav Donchev.

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