4 New Green Zones May Be Created In Sofia

The introduction of a green zone in Sofia’s Reduta, Geo Milev, Hristo Smirnenski and Hristo Botev neighbourhoods is being considered.

Discussions with citizens will take place on 3 and 4 March. The discussions were initiated by the people living in the area.

Introduction of paid parking for Sitnyakovo Blvd., Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., Acad. Ludmil Stoyanov Street, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.,

Asen Yordanov Blvd., Ivan Dimitrov – Kuklata Street, part of Slatinska Street, Marko Bochar Street and Boyan Magesnik Street, Brussels Blvd., Prodan Tarakchiev, Letostruy, Stoyan Popov streets.

In the meantime, a public consultation in the Izgrev region showed that residents did not want paid parking to be introduced.

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