5% Growth For Bulgarians Travelling Abroad

The trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in February 2019 were 396.6 thousand or 4.5% above those registered in February 2018, NSI reported.

The increase in the number of trips of Bulgarian citizens compared to the same month of the previous year is reported for: France – by 11.1%, Turkey – by 7.7%, Austria by 6.0%, Greece by 5.6%, Serbia by 4.9% by 4.7%, Romania by 3.2%, and others. At the same time, Bulgarian citizens’ trips were reduced to: Spain – by 8.1%, Belgium by 5.1%, the Czech Republic by 3.8% and others.

Compared to February 2018, there was an increase for all monitored purposes: “holidays and excursions” – by 5.5%, “others” – by 4.7%, and “official” by 3.2%. The largest relative share of the total number of trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in February 2019 formed the trips for other purposes (visiting, training, visiting cultural and sporting events) – 49.8%, followed by the official ones – 27.3% and for recreation and excursion – 22.9%. In February 2019 the largest number of trips of Bulgarian citizens were made to: Turkey – 82.9 thousand, Greece – 65.0 thousand, Romania – 45.3 thousand, Serbia – 38.1 thousand, Republic of Northern Macedonia – 29.3 thousand, Germany – 22.4 thousand, Austria – 15.2 thousand, France – 13.2 thousand, Spain – 12.4 thousand, Italy – 11.9 thousand.

In February 2019, visits of foreigners to Bulgaria were 483.0 thousand or 5.6% more than in February 2018. An increase was registered for all monitored purposes: “other” (including visits and transit) – by 8.1%, “rest and excursion” by 4.6% and “official” by 3.1%. Transit passages across the country are 25.3% (122.3 thousand) of all visits of foreigners to Bulgaria.

Of the total number of foreigners who visited Bulgaria in February 2019, the share of citizens in the European Union was 46.9%, or 4.6% more than in the same month of the previous year. Increase in arrivals from the United Kingdom – by 50.3%, Poland – 26.3%, Italy – by 11.1%, Germany – 4.9%, Austria – by 0.9%, and others. At the same time, visits of citizens from Spain decreased by 27.0%, Belgium by 9.0%, Greece by 5.4%, Romania by 2.6%, and others.

Visits by citizens from the “Other European countries” group increased by 6.0%, with the largest increase in visits by citizens from Serbia – by 9.7%.
In February 2019 is dominated by visits with holiday and recreation purpose – 41.8%, followed by visits to other purposes – 38.5% and with professional purpose – 19.7%.
Most visits to Bulgaria in February 2019 for citizens of: Turkey – 81.1 thousand., Romania – 64.7 thousand., Greece – 56.3 thousand., Serbia – 52.9 thousand., The Republic of Northern Macedonia – 43.4 thousand., United Kingdom – 30.8 thousand, Israel – 15.7 thousand, Germany – 15.0 thousand, Ukraine – 14.2 thousand, the Russian Federation – 10.0 thousand.

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