60% Of Bulgarians Die From Cardiovascular Related Diseases

More than 60% of our country’s mortality is due to cardiovascular diseases. One of the most common is atherosclerosis, Prof. Lachezar Grozdinski explained in “Bulgaria Morning”.

Atherosclerosis is a disease that affects the inner layer of the large and medium arteries of the body. The walls of the blood vessels become thicker and firmer.

“Atherosclerosis is a very insidious disease. It lasts asymptomatically for a long time. The first complaint may be a heart attack or a stroke,” said Prof. Grozdinski.

He added that the disease could also lead to death.

“The Bulgarian is quite informed. The good news is that in recent decades there has been a boom in the diagnosis and respectively the early treatment of atherosclerosis. This is extremely valuable,” Prof. Grozdinski told Bulgaria ON AIR.

He cited diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and stress as risk factors for the disease.

Grodzinski added that the risk age is generally over 50, especially if the person has a genetic predisposition. He urged people to do research in a timely manner so that complications can be prevented at a later stage.

“It depends on the person’s health – his lifestyle and his attempts to try to cure the risk factors,” said the professor.

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