65% Of People Worldwide Do Not Sleep Well Enough

Worrying facts weigh on our pillows on March 15 – World Dream Day. According to a new study, 65% of people worldwide do not sleep well. Women are those who are more affected by the problem globally. Ladies aged 45-54 fall asleep most difficult, writes bTV. 

The Reason: 

Demographic changes lead to changes in our habits and everyday life. Children are born later, and life expectancy is increasing. Women from the so-called “sandwich generation” take care and worry, on the one hand, for their sick and old parents, and on the other – for their children, who are not yet completely independent. These thoughts about relatives keep awake between 23 and 38% of ladies aged 45-54.

Social media disturb the sleep of 41% of young women (18-24), and one-third of womenbetween 25 and 34 are worried about their work. Financial problems break the sleep of 47% of women between 35 and 44 years. Women over 55 years of age are often the result of health concerns.

Nightmares disturb the sleep of 38% of the French, and in Japan, every tenth woman wakes up from her husband’s snoring.

Non-sleep is not a problem only in foreign countries. We recall that in 2016 in Bulgaria was held a National stress test LIGHT NIGHT, which included 30 thousand people. The result then showed that 80% of people have sleep problems. Statistics again put the ladies first – 79.5% of them suffer from insomnia against 72.2% for men.

What helps with insomnia

Experts recommend that we build a good regime and strictly adhere to it. Sleep at the same time every day, not to drink caffeinated beverages in the afternoon, and not spend much time on smart devices, especially at bedtime. The blue light from their screens prevents them from falling asleep quickly.

Sleep pills can help us overcome sleep problems. A variety of products are available on the market. For the optimal effect, you can choose a product with a combination of traditional melatonin, vitamin B6 and herbal complexes – lemon balm, passionflower and Californian poppy.

On World Dreaming Day we wish the data above to change in a positive way and more and more people get back the sleep hours they dream of.

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