69% Bulgarians Praise New Infrastructure Projects

A majority of 69% are of the opinion that new infrastructure construction in Bulgaria has facilitated travelling, according to a survey commissioned by the Road Infrastructure Agency and carried out by Bulgarian polling agency Gallup International, reports Focus News Agency. 

Most drivers already know about the introduction of an electronic toll system for the national road network from 2019, including e-vignettes for cars as of January 1 and tolls based on distance travelled for vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes as of August. Bulgarians generally accept the principle that tolls for cars will remain unchanged, while those for trucks will increase. This is also related to their expectation that more attention should be paid to the condition of the roads, registered in previous surveys, the agency said.

A majority of 66% think it will be fair that trucks will pay for the distance travelled instead of for the time as until now, though it will increase the said tolls. At the same time, 52% agree that it is better to increase tolls for trucks because they cause more damage to roads, whereas another 43% of respondents opted for: “It is better not to increase the fees for heavy vehicles because this may lead to other price increases.”
The majority of 86% say the intention to keep vignette prices unchanged is fair.

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