76,000 Bulgarians And Companies Wanted A Deferral Of Their Loans. 57,000 Were Approved

The number of requests received in banks for deferral of loans from individuals and companies exceeds 76,000, and the approved ones exceed 57,000, announced the Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB).

From there, they point out that their information was collected by their members and is still unofficial, but they send it to the media because of the interest shown by them.

The term by which the clients can express their explicit desire to use the facilitated conditions on loans to the banks servicing them is June 22, 2020.

“We hope that bank customers will continue to make the most of the opportunities for remote communication with the banks listed on the Internet pages and to clarify in advance with the bank serving them whether it is necessary and when they should make a site visit to a bank office.” , point out ABB.

The procedure for deferral and settlement of due liabilities to banks and their subsidiaries is published on the ABB website .

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