Apartment Buildings In Sofia To Now Have Own Recycling Bins

People living in apartment buildings in Sofia will be able to ask for separate waste collection containers to be used by them. This will be possible with the re-signing of the separate collection contracts between the Sofia Municipality and the recovery organizations Ecopack, EcoBulpack and Bulecopack. The proposal to conclude new contracts with them was voted on Tuesday by the Environment Committee of the Sofia Municipal Council.

The new contracts will include the opportunity for organizations to provide containers for plastic, paper, glass and metals on separate blocks on request. Otherwise, the main way of collecting this waste remains the placement of containers in the streets and in places specified by the local authorities.

Individual containers for the blocks would be useful if there were no separate collection containers in the vicinity of the dwellings, as well as a possible mandatory calculation of the refuse fee according to the discarded quantity. However, a decision to change the formula according to the amount of waste is not expected to be taken in the near future.

By another decision, the municipal councilors will oblige recovery organizations to replace broken containers for separate collection by up to 5 days after reporting that they are damaged.

Otherwise, as in the past, part of the Sofia regions will collect the recyclable waste with a system of three containers. Blue bin is for paper and cardboard, yellow – for plastic and metals and green – for glass. In several regions, separate collection containers are two – yellow for paper, cardboard, plastic and metals and green – for glass. The difference comes from different systems of individual recovery organizations.

On the sites of Ecopack, EcoBulpack and Bulecopack can be seen maps of where the bins are placed, as well as schedules for the collection of waste. Companies say they collect the contents of just one type of container at different times so they do not mix the junk. They then sort the contents and transmit the recyclables to specialized plants.

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