Bitcoin Price Reaches Record High For 2019

The Virtual Currency Bitcoin has reached a price of $ 6,124.10 today – its highest value in 2019 to date. Bitcoin rises 0.49% in the morning, according to Coin Desk. Most of the other cryptocurrencies, however, are traded in different directions.

Eterium declines by 0.11 percent to 176.82 dollars. The battlefield is currently attracting the attention of technical analysts and investment firms after recovering from a 74 percent drop last year, which reached a level of less than $ 4,000.

April was a very good month for the most popular virtual currency. For comparison, at the beginning of last month, a bitcoin was exchanged for just over $ 4100 a share, which made an appreciation of about 45% in just over a month.

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2020 State Social Security Budget Adopted

On December 4, the MPs conclusively adopted the State Social Security budget for next year. The minimum pension from July 1 next year will be BGN 250 and...

Greece Supports Bulgarian Entry In Schengen

Athens supports Bulgaria's entry into Schengen, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said after meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva.

Lukoil Bulgaria Donates Oil Towards Coronavirus Fight

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Bulgaria To Exterminate 24,000 Pigs In Swine Flu Fears

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Facebook Has Bought Neural Brain Tech Company

Facebook has announced that it has bought New York-based startup CTRL-labs, which is exploring ways for people to communicate with computers using brain signals, Reuters reported.

Ryanair Employee Strike Is Postponed

The Irish Supreme Court has blocked the strike of the Ryanair pilots scheduled for tomorrow and again in Dublin. The airline welcomed the decision...