Boyko Borissov Visits South Korea

First day of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s visit to South Korea. Borissov presented a wreath at Seoul National Cemetery and visited the Hyundai Research Center. Negotiations are underway to co-operate in the automotive industry, as well as to open a direct airline. Later, when he visited the Taekwondo World Headquarters, Borissov was honored with the 9th Dan in martial arts.

The first day of Prime Minister Borissov’s visit to South Korea began by offering wreaths at the Seoul National Cemetery, where hundreds of thousands of Koreans who participated in the Korean and Vietnamese independence movements were buried.

The Prime Minister later visited the Hyundai Research Center in Huasong, located about 50 km from the South Korean capital.

Bulgaria and South Korea have been discussing for a few months now a major investment of about $ 1 billion and $ 500 million to open an electric vehicle battery plant in our country.

Negotiations are expected to begin on the participation of our country in the production program for T-50 light fighter-training fighter jets, which are a joint production between South Korea and the American company Lockheed Martin, a supplier of F-16 fighter jets to Bulgaria.

The interest of South Korean business in Bulgaria is increasing. Direct investments from South Korea to Bulgaria amount to EUR 213 million, which places it among the 30 countries with the highest investments in Bulgaria.

There are 249 companies with Korean participation in Bulgaria. The turnover between the 2 countries for 2018 is growing by almost 50%.

In the course of his visit, Borissov will meet with Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea  Lee Wan-koo and President Moon Jae-in.

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