Bulgaria Celebrates Liberation Day

Today – March 3, Bulgaria celebrates its national holiday – the day of Liberation. 141 years ago (18 February in old style), Russia and Turkey signed the San Stefano Peace Treaty in 1878, which provides for the rebuilding of the Principality of Bulgaria.

For the first time the celebration was celebrated on 19 February 1880 as “The Day of the Emperor Alexander II’s Assassination and the Conclusion of the San Stefano Peace Treaty”, and since 1888 is celebrated as the Liberation Day of Bulgaria. The day is designated as a national holiday by Decree 236 of the State Council, issued on 27 February 1990, and by the 9th National Assembly of 5 March 1990.

Start of the official celebrations will be given at 11 am in Sofia with the solemn ceremony for the raising of the national flag before the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. During the performance of the national anthem, an artillery salute of 20 spells will be executed. They will be produced by a 122 mm artillery battery from the National Guards Section, located in the Knyazhevo Garden. From 12 hours in front of the building of the President’s Administration, the National Guards Section will change the Honorary Guards Guard.

Everywhere in the country the holiday will be celebrated with church rituals, offering wreaths and flowers to the monuments of the Russo-Turkish war, festive processions and concerts.

Traditionally, many people are expected to celebrate the holiday at the Monument of Freedom of Mount St. Nicholas (Shipka). The celebration will begin at 11.00 am with a panichid, which will be served by Metropolitan Gregory of Veliko Tarnovo. National Assembly President Tsveta Karaiancheva will give a speech, accept the construction of the honorary guard and present flowers to the monument at the historic peak. In the ritual there will be soldiers from the 61st Stryam Mechanized Brigade. Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov will attend. The Municipality of Gabrovo provides free transport to the top, and the Ministry of Interior redirects transit passengers from the Shipka Pass to the Pass of the Republic.

For the fifth consecutive year, Stara Zagora will celebrate March 3 with a memorial procession, which will carry the 300-meter national flag to the memorial complex “Stara Zagora’s Defenders”, where the legendary Samara flag is kept. The march goes to the municipality at 11.30.

For the first time on the national holiday, Dobrich municipality will hold a festive procession, which will start at 10.00 am from the temple “St. George” and will reach the place of the solemn ritual – the memorial complex “Khan Asparuh”. The procession is under the title “The First”, because it will be led by the portraits of 11 Revolutionaries who participated in the struggles for new Bulgarian education, church independence and national liberation: Paisii Hilendarski, Sofronii Vrachanski, Dr. Petar Beron, Vasil Aprilov, Ilarion Makariopolski, Neophyte Bozveli, Ekzarh Antim I, GS Rakovski, Vasil Levski, Lyuben Karavelov, Hristo Botev. There will also be people who have connected their lives with the history of Dobrich and Dobrudja – Ivan Karshovski, Anastasia Dimitrova, Ivan Hadji Valkov, Krastyu Mirski, Stefan Karadja and Stefan Baev.

In the Sea Garden of Varna at 12.30 am begins the 56th Athletic Race Circuit on the initiative of Radio Varna.

In Burgas, between 11 and 13.30 in Troikata Square, several distinct themed areas will present the “Path of Freedom”. There everyone will be able to take a picture with Raina Knyaginya and hand the flag “Freedom or Death”, stand next to Lieutenant Colonel Kalitin and embrace the Samarski flag. In front of a small copy of a Shipka monument, the guests will be able to shake hands with Russian soldiers and raise our national flag. Anyone who walks along the Path of Freedom will receive a copy of one of the Bulgarian flags – the Samarski, “Freedom or Death” or the national flag. A festive horo will be played in the square in front of the municipality.

The Sofia Philharmonic will host more than 15 choral, wind, folk, jazz, vocals, instrumental ensembles, children’s and youth, student and student formations. From 10 am to 10 pm at the Bulgaria Concert Complex, Bulgarian musicians will present music from all genres.

The municipal museums, galleries and the zoo in Sofia will work for free. Free will be the entrance to the Regional History Museum – Sofia, the National Military History Museum, the Sofia City Art Gallery and Vrana Park Museum. Guests of the History Museum of Sofia will be able to view the permanent and temporary exposition in the building of “Banski” 1 building as well as the archaeological level under the St. Sophia Basilica.

In Pleven, you will be free to enter the “Pleven Epopee 1877” Panorama. and other museum sites of the Regional Military History Museum. Days of open doors also announced the Museum in the well-known city park “St. George”.

At 18.30 at the National Assembly in Sofia will take place the solemn fire-check. There will be Guards Representative Brass Orchestra, representative units of the National Guards Section, military formations 28,860 – Gorna Malina, 42,600 – Musachevo, 22,320 – Bozhurishte and flag-flag with flag-saints – Samara flag, Stand of the 1st Horse Regiment , Flag of the 23rd Infantry Regiment of Shipka, Flag of the 15th Infantry Regiment, Flag of the 13th Infantry Regiment of Rila, Flag of the 25th Infantry Regiment of Dragoman, Flag of the 30th Infantry Regiment of Sheynov and Flag of the 6- Your Infantry Regiment Tarnovo Commander is a Brigadier General

Valentin Krastev – Chief of Staff of the Joint Force Command. President Rumen Radev will accept the honorary order of the representative parts of the Bulgarian Army and will speak. Later in the evening, the head of state will host a celebration ceremony.

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