Bulgaria Has The Lowest Minimum Wage In The European Union

According to a Eurostat survey, data show that as of January 1, 2020, 21 EU member states have a national minimum wage – only Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden do not.

In Eastern Europe, the minimum wage is € 600 , and in the Northwest , the minimum wage is over € 1500 .

Countries that have a minimum wage can be divided into three main groups.

In January 2020, Bulgaria has the lowest gross minimum wage in the EU (312 euros) . Nine member states, mainly in Eastern Europe, follow with minimum wages of between € 400 and € 600 per month: Latvia (€ 430) , Romania (€ 466), Hungary (€ 487), Croatia (€ 546) , Czech Republic (€ 575), Slovakia (€ 580), Estonia (€ 584) , Lithuania (€ 607) and Poland (€ 611)

In five other countries, mainly in the southern part of the EU, the minimum wage varies between 700 and just over 1000 euros: Portugal (€ 741) , Greece (€ 758) , Malta (€ 777) , Slovenia (€ 941) and Spain ( € 1,050).

In other western and northern states, salaries are over € 1,500 per month: France (€ 1,539) , Germany (€ 1,584), Belgium (€ 1,594) , the Netherlands (€ 1,636), Ireland (€ 1,656) and Luxembourg (€ 2 142) .

For comparison, the federal monthly minimum wage in the US by January 2020 is 1,119 euros

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