Bulgaria Ranked In Top 4 European Countries For Management Of Ship Traffic

Bulgaria is among the four leading countries in Europe in the management of ship traffic, Transport Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov said at the opening of an international conference on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of ship traffic management and information services in Bulgaria.

Among the participants in the forum are representatives of the largest Bulgarian and world organizations in the maritime industry. The main organizer of the event is the State Enterprise “Port Infrastructure”.

“The construction of the system made it possible to track the entire chain of arriving and departing ships,” Zhelyazkov said.

According to him, the fourth phase of the project is currently being completed. He also recalled that the system was integrated with other agencies, including IAMA, Border Police, veterinary control, etc. “The emphasis in the field of transport will be the development of information systems,” Zhelyazkov added.

According to him, a high degree of digitalization has already been achieved in the field of air control. The same applies to ship traffic. Full automation of the processes in the automotive administration is also forthcoming, the minister added. According to him, in the coming months will work on this topic, with the ultimate goal of stopping the practice of having individual information systems between people.

“When the process is fully digitalized, it will be more convenient for citizens and businesses and the opportunities for corruption practices that exist in the presence of human presence will be removed,” Zhelyazkov said.

The new system will allow the exchange of information throughout the chain of participants in the logistics process. It will facilitate the business, which will receive timely information in full by electronic means. The goal is for the system to cover all ports. 

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