Bulgarian Government Reports Budget Surplus Of $2.4 Billion

According to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria’s debt for 2018 amounts to BGN 24.430 billion, or 22.6% of GDP.

In addition, the institutional sector “Government” reports a budget surplus of BGN 2,149 billion, or 2.0% of GDP. The surplus in the central government sub-sector amounted to BGN 1.9 billion, or 1.8% of GDP. The local government sub-sector has a surplus of BGN 145 million and the Social Security Funds sub-sector has realized a surplus of BGN 104 million.

Statistical information on the activities of the institutional sector “General government”, including debt, deficit and surplus, is prepared according to a harmonized EU methodology. Pursuant to Council Regulation No 479/2009 implementing the Protocol on the Excessive Deficit Procedure, each Member State provides Eurostat (EC) with preliminary deficit / surplus and debt data for the reporting year as at 31.03. next year and final data by 30.09. next year.

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