Bulgarian Municipality to Introduce More E-Services in Two Years

The number and quality of electronic services provided by the Sofia Municipality would significantly increase over the next two years, Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova said here on Thursday.

During this period, her municipality would increase the number of services offered electronically to 170 and implement more advanced technologies, Fandakova said at the 21st national Conference on E-Government.

The current municipal electronic system covered 50 services and was created five to seven years ago, Fandakova said.

The most used 15 municipal administrative services would become available online over the next 12 months, she said.

Meanwhile, the municipality would launch other 15 to 30 e-services, “which are absolutely analogue at the moment,” Fandakova said.

“The introduction of more e-services is part of our strategic priorities, with which we want to improve people’s lives and business conditions,” she said.

Fandakova also said that the technology sector is the fastest growing sector in Sofia, and 86 percent of IT professionals in Bulgaria “are right here.”

Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria. Its population is 1.328 million, almost one fifth of the country’s population.

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