Business Climate Improved In Jan 2020

The business climate in Bulgaria improved in January 2020 compared with December, according to the findings of a regular monthly poll by the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

The business climate indicator was up by 1.4 percentage points, pushed up by more positive views in industry, the NSI said.

The poll measures opinions among managers in four sectors – industry, retail, construction and services.

In the industry sector, the indicator jumped by five percentage points, with managers more optimistic about the current situation of their enterprises and holding more positive views about exports and production over the next three months.

The main obstacles to business development were seen as the shortage of labour and uncertain economic environment, the NSI said.

In the construction sector, the indicator dropped by a percentage point compared with December, the indicator in the retail trade was down by 1.9 percentage points, while in the service sector, the indicator was largely unchanged compared with December, the poll found.

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