Dutch Foreign Minister: Migrants would be ‘beaten up’ in Eastern Europe

There’s no such thing as a successful multicultural society and migrants of color would be “beaten up” if they moved to Warsaw or Prague, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said during a closed-door meeting earlier this month.

“Give me an example of a multiethnic or multicultural society, where the original population are still living as well …  and where there are peaceful community relations. I’m not aware of any,” Blok told a working group during a meeting in The Hague on July 10, according to Dutch TV program Zembla, which obtained footage of the comments.

Blok also said Eastern European countries “will never agree” to the EU’s refugee quotas, because “colored people” have “no life” in those countries.

“Even if we would twist their arms and they would agree, look around you in Warsaw or Prague,” Blok said. “They will be beaten up.”

Blok said that accepting too many migrants would quickly push any society to “reach its limits,” attributing this to genetics. “This probably lies somewhere deep-seated in our genes … That we don’t find it easy to make connections with people who are unfamiliar to us.”

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