Flag Burner Arrested In Bulgaria

The infamous video was uploaded by and starred Mihail Mihailov, a man from Stara Zagora. The act happened on May 29. In the clip, wearing a Lenin and Stalin red shirt, the man talked about how the Bulgarian Court system is the biggest organized crime organization in the country, and that Bulgaria is under their “fascist dictatorship.” The clip then cut to Mihailov standing in front of the Sofia City Court, holding the Bulgarian flag in his hands.

The man then proceeded to burn the flag and urinate on top of it.

Mihailov’s video caused a scandal in the country. He was detained in Stara Zagora. The Court’s press centre stated that the charges against Mihail are smearing the national flag, hooliganism, cynicism, and audacity.

Mihail’s shirt stated: “Under the flag of Lenin, under the leadership of Stalin, go forward, for communist victory!” He didn’t explain how exactly the Bulgarian flag represents the court system or fascism.

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