Foreign Video Game Companies Have Started Investing Heavily In Bulgaria

While our country expects a Japanese carmaker to invest here, Japan is already investing in the IT sector.

Georgi Dinchev is responsible for the work in the Bulgarian branch of a computer game development studio affiliated with the Japanese company “SEGA”. He says such a center opens the door for many in the gaming industry and will choose his career path.

He jokingly tells the story that the upgrades of machines and servers were such that they had to bring some of the equipment through the huge windows of the office building. But the joke, which is actually true, illustrates the scale of Bulgaria’s desire to be part of the big gaming industry as well.

“The nice thing here is that the English studio, which is the parent company, the people there are very open, we do a lot of training. We have done training with people who have worked for The Lord of the Rings, a major global company, to get and take that experience here, “Dinchev told BNR.

They want to make bigger games and reach the standard of the highest budget productions. “We want to be able to do absolutely all the disciplines involved in the development of such a game here in Sofia, so that we have complete creative control and all the decisions we make depend on us,” emphasizes Georgi Dinchev, who adds that it is a great pleasure to track a product from embryo to completion.

“Games are a very high value-added industry. They generate a lot of revenue worldwide. Let’s take Minecraft, for example, created by one person and he sells it to Microsoft for three billion”, he added. 

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