France Introduces Eco Flight Tax

France introduces an eco tax on air flights. Thus, the government of President Emmanuel Makron fulfills the promise to take measures to combat pollution and climate change.

The fee will be phased in for all airplanes departing from France.

Élisabeth Borne, France’s Minister of Transport: France is committed to taxing air travel, which is important for Europe. Things move forward. Like other countries, we have decided to introduce an air tax on all flights from France.

The fee will affect the pocket of the passengers. For flights within the European Union, the cost of a ticket will be in the range of 1.50 euros for economy class, 9 euros for business class and 18 euros for flights for business class outside the European Union. The estimated revenue from this levy after 2020 is about 180 million euros. Minister Borne has announced that these funds will be used for public transport.

Air France and Lufthansa fell 4.5% and 2.5%, respectively, as soon as the news from Paris was announced.

French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to tighten environmental regulations. He decided to impose the air tax on the plane after he was forced to drop the idea of ​​raising the diesel fuel levy due to the violent protests of the yellow vests in the country.

France is now joining the Netherlands, which has also imposed such a tax on air transport, but Macron’s goal is to persuade more countries in the EU to do so.

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