Gas Prices On The Rise In Bulgaria

Gasoline prices in Bulgaria went up sharply. Only a few months after the massive protests in the autumn that spanned the country for fuel appreciation and after winter’s soaring prices, the A 95 gasoline carries record-breaking figures for this year. Since mid-March, the increase has averaged 12 cents per liter. From 2.08 leva on March 14, the mass gasoline now averages 2.20 leva. Five large chains traditionally maintain the same average prices – 2.22 leva per liter. This shows a reference to the Fuehlos site, which tracks fuel prices in Bulgaria and around the world, writes “Sega”.

Compared with the beginning of the year, the gap is even more drastic. The lowest value for gasoline was around January 20 – 1.94 leva per liter. This makes a difference of 28 cents in four months. For the same period, the average crude oil price ranged from about 61 to about 71 dollars a barrel.

Paradoxically, but in the last month, the diesel carries relatively even prices – the difference from mid-March to mid-April is only 3 cents higher – from 2.28 to 2.31 cents per liter. However, compared to the beginning of the year and diesel, the price is noticeable – 16 cents per liter. And here big chains have literally agreed prices – a fact that control authorities prefer not to notice.

While the appreciation of fuel is justified by producers and importers with the dynamics of crude oil prices, traditionally large fluctuations occur around the end of spring and early summer. So it can be expected that as a result of the increased consumption in the coming weeks, prices will continue to rise.

The ranking by district shows that the most expensive fuel is in Vidin. There the average price for the gasoline is 2.24 leva per liter and for the diesel – 2.33 leva. In some petrol stations, however, A 95 reaches 2.26 leva and the diesel is 2.35 leva. The fuels are traditionally expensive in the districts of Kyustendil, Pleven, Vratsa.

At the end of last year, when the country was shaken by protests just because of high fuel prices, mass gasoline had risen to 2.38 leva per liter, and diesel to 2.41 leva. Then the industry was justified by high oil prices on international markets . After the great public discontent, however, in just one week the price of gasoline fell to 1.95 leva.

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