Georgi Gyokov: By 2025 Between 10 and 15% Of Jobs Will Disappear

Expectations are that by 2025 between 10 and 15% of all jobs, will disappear, according to BTA. This is what Bulgarian Deputy Speaker Georgi Gyokov told a conference on “The future of labor – a future for the workers or a future for the capital”? in Sofia Hotel Balkan. The Forum is organized by the Solidarity Society Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

According to Gyokov and Deputy Chairwoman of the National Council of BSP Denitsa Zlateva, civil society, trade unions and employers need to initiate an in-depth debate about the consequences of digitalization.

Apart from the material compensation for people who lose from digitalization, the forum also addressed the social security and labor rights of people in a changing environment where traditional jobs are disappearing. More and more of the work will be done from home, from the café, there will be contracts with different phases of employment, noted the NII manager Ivaylo Ivanov. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Program Director Pencho Hubchev said that there are 2300 digital job placement platforms in the world that totally change the way we work so that workers often have no insurance, working time standards and defined working conditions.

Bulgaria is the last place in the 2018 Index of Digital Technology in the Economy and Society (DESI), two points behind the previous year, experts said. The participants in the forum also announced the adoption of a standard for basic computer literacy, changes in curricula and programs focusing on mathematics and the natural sciences, expanding the admission plan at universities in the IT specialties.

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