Getting Away With False Rape Accusations Is Too Easy

Women around the world have been empowered lately due to the #MeToo movement which saw alleged victims of famous figures such as Harvey Weinstein which led to many allegations in Sports, Music, the military, in the porn industry, and even in the US congress. It saw a decisive defeat in the republican stronghold of Alabama where Republican candidate Roy Moore lost to the democrats following allegations of Moore having relationships with under age girls, harassment and anti-Semitism.

This is all good with rape victims getting justice and being given a voice, however this is a very dangerous precedent. Very few of the people accused under the #MeToo movement have been convicted of what they are being accused of. And this makes you think, is it possible that some of those accused are innocent people? In fact everyone who hasn’t being convicted of the crime is innocent, as in the modern world the rule of innocent until proven guilty applies yet the accused are still treated as guilty by losing their jobs, having all they worked for ruined and their prospects hurt. The alleged victims must go to court and fight it out properly, many of  the accusers never end up pursuing it legally instead they spew out allegations which is pretty much a loophole to punish someone even if you have no proof. Sexual harassment and rape are a sticky taboo subject which is hard to get proof of and most of the time it is someones word against someone elses. This is what makes it dangerous.

There have been many publicized cases around the world of mostly men being falsely accussed of rape and losing years of their lifes either in jail or fighting their case with many of them losing their jobs and university placements. In most of those cases when the fake accusers are caught out they don’t suffer any repurcussions or punishments or the punishments they do received are inadequate.

There is further hypocrisy among the first world feminist movement that has become a bit of a parody in itself. Many of the members focus on trivial issues rather than going into countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran where women are really second class citizens. All studies show that the reason why women are still behind man is because they work less hours primarily as they are still the ones most likely to care for their children and also the fact that many are not interested in certain high paying career paths such as robotics or computer science. To get back on the topic the hypocrisy among modern day first world feminists is that they don’t want to focus on male rape victims or male victims of harassment regardless if the perpetrators are male or female. This goes against everything that it is to be a feminist, as being a feminist is to help women become equal not superior to men.

There will be many victims in the future of false rape accusations and few will be believed, but this in the long term will only hurt the #MeToo movement as people will be less and less likely to take accusations seriously if it is so easy to be a fake victim yet be believed.

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