Goverment Promises 24 Million Levs For Student Accommodation Repairs

For the first time since 2008, BGN 29.4 million was granted in 2019 for the renovation of the student dorms in the country, after such funds were not allocated for such a long period. This was said by Yana Vangelova, chairman of the National Student Councils (NSSC) at the universities.

Every year, before the beginning of university classes, student dormitories and their poor condition are the subject of discussions and comments from the public, the media and the students, recall the NSSC. And note that some of the student housing in the country have not been repaired since their construction.

Long exploitation and depreciation has led to the fact that many of the dormitory rooms are unfit for living and students are forced to live in poor living conditions.
The Ministry of Education and Science is going to discuss these 29.4 million leva to repair the dormitories in the country, said Yana Vangelova. She explained that student dorms in Shumen are in very bad condition and they are “one of the worst-looking dorms in the country”.

These are dormitories at the University of Shumen, and the buildings of the dorms in Varna and Plovdiv are also in poor condition. The state of the 15th block of the National Sports Academy and the 7th block of the Medical University in Sofia are also in a need of urgent repair. There are student dorms in the country that have not been repaired since their construction 50 years ago, Vangelova said.

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