In Feb 2019, Bulgarian Unemployment Rate Decreased By 0.8%

In February 2019, the registered unemployment rate reached 6.2%, which was a decrease of 0.8%, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said at the beginning of today’s government meeting, Focus News Agency reports.
In March, the business climate indicator was up 0.3 point, driven by better expectations of retailers in construction and services, the finance minister reported. The consumer confidence indicator also improved in March, he said. “The assessment of households’ current financial situation as well as the future economic situation also improved, which is good news. Industrial production and turnover show positive developments since the beginning of 2019, with the latest data for February showing 6.6% growth in industrial production and 6.9% of turnover of industrial enterprises compared to 2018,” Goranov said, adding that the more favourable dynamics was a result of export sales, which increased by over 10%, supported by the production of chemical products and electrical equipment.
“Construction growth also accelerated by 9.2% in February, although building construction retained its leading role. Civil construction also registered growth,” Minister Goranov explained.
He further said there was also a positive trend in the labour market, “In February, the registered unemployment rate reached 6.2%, down 0.8% compared to the same month of 2018.” 
In January, the growth in exports of goods grew 8.4% compared to January 2018, mainly to EU countries but also to third countries, Goranov said.

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