It Takes More Than 2 Hours At The Checkpoint In Sofia To Get In And Get To Work

Half an hour after 9 o’clock, the check-in of vehicles at the checkpoints to enter Sofia continues. A new order of the Minister for the time windows, which allow workers in the capital to enter the city in a state of emergency, is expected, BGNES reported.

On Tuesday morning, the columns of cars waiting to enter Sofia at all checkpoints are miles long. The most serious is the situation of Dragichevo – Vladaya, where there are hundreds coming to work in Sofia from Pernik and the surrounding area. Police station crews are reinforced, but the column is barely populated.

Despite the long wait for the column, the drivers are not nervous. Also in the queue is a bus carrying 17 employees. They were pulled off the road to complete a declaration.

“We have to write the name of the person we work for and his number in each statement. We’ve been waiting since 6am, and now it’s 9am, “said Ali Abichev, who travels from Yakoruda.

“We have been moving for 2 hours. I’m not annoyed by the situation, but we’re rushing to the hospital so we’re a little worried. That’s why I travel 260 km, otherwise I wouldn’t go to Sofia, “Mladen Boshnakov commented.

“We have been in the queue since 6.40. We went to work. We are late, ”said Rosen Dimitrov.

“We wait two hours and 20 minutes. And to be angry, all the same. We are going to work in construction, “Hristo Ninkov also commented.

There is also a serious load on the Trakia highway checkpoint. The tail is about 5 kilometers and growing. The Hemus motorway is relatively smaller, but still loaded.

Another very busy checkpoint is the one to enter Sofia after the junction for Elin Pelin. People from the Sofia region coming along the Sub-Balkan road are waiting to enter the capital to go to work from 7 am. Drivers complained that they had traveled about half a kilometer from 7.00 to 8.00. The car column stops at Gorna Malina.

Earlier, the Director of the Ministry of the Interior, Senior Commissioner Georgi Hadzhiev, and the Minister of Interior, Mladen Marinov, requested an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to extend the hours of passage of workers through the Sofia checkpoint. 

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