Karayancheva: Bulgarian EU Presidency A Success

For these two years, Bulgaria has become the leader of the Balkans”, said the National Assembly Speaker, Tsveta Karayancheva, to journalists in Zlatograd.

During the elections we may miss the opportunity to state our position more explicitly”, says the Speaker of the Parliament. 

According to her, the Bulgarian MEPs should be together in the EP to protect the national interests.

Tsveta Karaiancheva expressed the hope that in the remaining weeks of the election campaign the tone will be mitigated and will be spelled out in concrete terms, without the use of lies and threats. 

,.The black PR  does not bring dividends, and this has been proven over the years”,Karayancheva added.

In her assessment, the campaign has so far not been in the direction of the policies and benefits that Bulgaria can obtain from the European family and European integration.

According to her, even the opposition must emphasize our successful European presidency, for which “everyone congratulate us”.

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