Karnobat Rail Station To Receive 4 Million BGN Renovation

The railway station in Karnobat will be generally renovated with over BGN 4 million of the EU funds.

“The railway station is extremely important and it is the only railway link between Southeastern and Northeastern Bulgaria, it is the fourth largest railway junction in the country and it is part of the Plovdiv – Burgas transport corridor, which will start with the development of Bourgas – Sindel. to be part of the infrastructure that will continue to Ruse. ” This was announced by Minister of Transport Rossen Zhelyazkov during the official ceremony of the beginning of the construction works on the garage.

He pointed out that it will start to develop the Burgas-Sindel direction, with the ambitions to be part of the infrastructure that will continue to Rousse.

The railway station in Karnobat has not been repaired since its construction in the 1980s.

It is planned to repair not only the reception building but also the platforms and subways. Constructional reinforcements, architectural renovation, as well as the construction of elevators and facilities for persons with reduced mobility for access to the platforms will be carried out.

Construction will last for two years. During this period, the station will not be interrupted to continue servicing passengers.

“This will actually be a new station that will preserve the spirit of the time when it is built to have sustainability and continuity,” Rossen Zhelyazkov noted.

The “Karnobat Railway Infrastructure” joint venture between “Bildnyx” EOOD and “Building Comfort” EOOD will make the reconstruction of the station in Karnobat. The contract with them is for over BGN 4.1 million excluding VAT.

The construction supervision will be carried out by a consortium “Consultants Karnobat”, consisting of the companies “Infra Consult Group” Ltd. and “Rubikon Engineering” AD. The contract with them is for BGN 157 000 excluding VAT.

Funding is provided by Operational Program “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020.

By means of it, during the current programming period, a total of 6 garnishing complexes have been repaired – Karnobat, Poduyane, Iskar, Kazichene, Stara Zagora and Nova Zagora. The total value of all sites is about 30 million BGN.

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