Marijuana Greenhouse Discovered In South Bulgaria

A greenhouse growing marijuana has been discovered in Kostandovo, said the press office of the Ministry of the Interior. 

The greenhouse was discovered Thursday by officers of the Rakitovo police department in an operation supervised by the prosecutor’s office. The officers raided a property owned by a 49-year-old man from Kostandovo. In the yard, they found a greenhouse equipped for marijuana growing. It had 35 plants at different stages of development, from 0.5 to 3.35 meters in height. The total weight of the uprooted plants was close to 59 kilograms. In the house, the officers found two plastic bags filled with a total of 380 g of dry leaves and flowers that tested positive for marijuana.

In an SUV owned by the man, 19 12-gauge shotgun shells were found, for which he did not have possession and storage license. 
The drugs and the ammunition were seized.

The man was detained in the custody of the Velingrad Police Department for 24 hours.
The investigation is ongoing.

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