Mariya Gabriel: In One Year 9 Out Of 10 Jobs Will Require Computer Literacy

Just a year from now – 90% of jobs will require digital skills. This was what Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said at the BNT conference on Regional Development and the Success Factors of the Regions. The aim is to have so-called digital hubs in every region of Europe by the end of 2020.

The digitalization of business and administration is also being phased in Bulgaria, with five digital hubs currently located in major cities. In order to develop the network, € 1 billion and € 300 million will also be invested in the smaller settlements under the Digital Europe program.

“227 municipalities have received a voucher to provide free, high-speed internet for 3 years in public places. That’s not all, of course. We need to work more on digital hubs. This is a one-stop shop where citizens can access training. It may be 15 days, it may be 3 months. And small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, before they start a business and after 3 months find out that they will go bankrupt, have that one place where they will be given information on what is the lowest market of their product, “he told the national TV Gabriel.

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