Mars Inc. Launches Four New Products In Bulgaria

One of the world’s leading food production company – the American, Mars, plans to release four new brands in the Bulgarian market in 2019. One of them is in the chewing gum segment, where the group is a market leader. With it in the coming months will appear more brand chocolate desserts, as well as two pet products. This was made clear during a press conference organized by the company.

In May, the first one will be launched – the Malteser chocolate candy, which is a leading brand in its category in the UK. Later, Mars will present the new brand of chewing gum in our country, and now they have four others in this segment – Orbit, Gum “5”, Airwaves and Hubba Bubba. In this group, the company has a leading position with a market share of nearly 90%.

“Orbit is a world market leader in Bulgaria, and brands number 2 and 3 are respectively” 5 “and” Airwaves “, said Martin Dimitrov, who is a brand manager for the category of chewing gums and chocolate products in the company. “We have chosen to release a fourth product on the market as consumption has grown rapidly – 5-6% last year, and a new competitor has emerged in our country,” he said.

Maltesers, on the other hand, are in the so-called ” chocolate bites (bite size). “We decided to launch the brand in Bulgaria, as this segment has the fastest growth in the category,” Dimitrov explained.

The other two Mars products to be marketed are Perfect Fit dog food and cat food products. The first one is a premium brand that will be distributed in the store network. At present, the manufacturer has a leading position in dog food with Royal Canin and is second to Whiskas cats.

“Unlike Royal Canin, which is sold only in specialized pet stores, our new Perfect Fit brand will be targeted at the supermarkets in the country,” explained Melina Fotantzi, who is a brand manager of this category for Bulgaria. Initially, in our country will be available Perfect Fit cat food, and later – and for dogs.

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