New Bulgarian Gambling Commission Finds Tax & Fee Discrepancies

The new gambling commission confirms a finding by the State Financial Control Agency of a violation of the state fee , in that different gambling organizers pay different fees for maintaining the issued license for the same types of gambling (in particular lottery games). This is stated in an opinion published on the committee’s website only a few days after the composition of the committee was replaced.

The difference is: one part of the organizers pay a fee of 15 percent on the value of the bets made on each game, and another part pay a fee of 20 percent on the value of the fees and commissions received. On the basis of these differences, the prosecution indicted Vasil Bozhkov’s gambling companies for not paying over BGN 500 million in fees.The Gambling Commission harmed the state with BGN 500 million, set by the PIFAThey did not provide details of the checks carried out

The Gambling Commission also states that all organizers must align their activities with the provisions of the Gambling Act.

In view of this, all organizers of gambling games that fall under the provision of Art. 30, para. 3 of the ZH, shall bring the rules for the gambling games organized by them in compliance with the requirements of the said norm depending on the type of the game organized by them, and shall take this circumstance into account when submitting a declaration under Art. 30, para. 6 of the Gambling Act.

In case of non-fulfillment of the regulatory requirements of the Gambling Act upon submission of a declaration in which the calculated state fee is not in compliance with the requirements of Art. 30, para. 3 of the LH, the respective organizer of gambling games will be imposed an administrative penalty in accordance with Art. 104, para. 3 of the LC, according to which: “A gambling organizer who fails to indicate or indicate incorrect data or circumstances in the declaration referred to in Article 30, paragraphs 6 and 7, leading to the determination of the fee in a smaller amount, shall be subject to property a penalty of an unpaid fee, but not less than BGN 5,000. “Valery Simeonov: The Gambling Commission has been boughtThe territory of the gambling is Jurassic Park

We remind that Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov accepted the request to leave Alexander Georgiev after he was indicted as a defendant in the case against Vasil Bozhkov, but was released from custody on bail of BGN 40,000 as a co -investigator .

Another former head of the Gambling Commission is in custody again on charges in the framework of the Vasil Bozhkov-Ognemir Mitev affair . There is also another officer from the commission who has been indicted, the prosecutor’s office has not announced his name.

The gambling commission has been accused of misconduct after a special prosecutor’s office raided a campaign there two weeks ago . The next day, the State Financial Inspection Agency announced that unpaid taxes and fees of BGN 210 million were opened , but the next day that amount doubled. At a prosecutor’s briefing, it was announced that businessman Vasil Bozhkov had offered a bribe of BGN 10,000 a day to an employee of the commission to ensure that the competition was addressed. Earlier, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced that Bozhkov had been charged with seven , and the prosecutor’s office is currently preparing documents for the extradition of a businessman from the UAE.

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