Notorious Bulgarian Tech Cracker Arrested

PC gamers are all too aware of Denuvo, an invasive anti-tamper technology used by games publishers to prevent piracy. While perceived to be unbreakable, it has in recent times, met its match in the form of Voksi, a Bulgarian hacker credited with revitalising the Denuvo cracking scene. And where Denuvo’s anti-piracy tech has failed, it has resorted to using the long arm of the law to keep its tech unharmed. Working with the Bulgarian authorities, Voksi has been arrested.

“It finally happened,” Voksi posted on Reddit. “I can’t say it wasn’t expected. Denuvo filed a case against me to the Bulgarian authorities. Police came yesterday and took the server PC and my personal PC. I had to go to the police afterwards and explain myself. Later that day I contacted Denuvo themselves and offered them a peacful resolution to this problem. They can’t say anything for sure yet, but they said the final word is by the prosecutor of my case.”

That said, Voksi won’t be able to continue his work.

“Sadly, I won’t be able to do what I did anymore. I did what I did for you guys and of course because bloated software in our games shouldn’t be allowed at all. Maybe someone else can continue my fight,” his post continues.

That fact that Denuvo had to go to such lengths to safeguard itself is amusing. Evidently its tech isn’t as good as advertised and has in the past, been called out by consumers for being invasive.

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