Over 1 Million People Worldwide Have Recovered From The Coronavirus

More than one million of the more than three million infected have already recovered from the coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, BBC reported..

Statistics – like all coronavirus data – should be read with caution.

COVID-19 appears to have a low mortality rate, which means that almost all of these three million infected will eventually recover – although in some cases this can take a long time.

But just how much will they recover? It depends on the mortality of the virus – ie. how many people who get infected will die – something we don’t know yet.

The Lancet Medical journal estimates that the coronavirus has a higher death rate than the flu (0.1%) and less than SARS (9.5%).

If we analyze the cases of cruise ships – where there are no “external infections” or untested people – the mortality rate seems to be around 1%, the magazine writes.

But because the testing situation is so different across countries (and no country has 100% population testing like cruise ship passengers), we can only see the ratio of deaths and confirmed infections.

When only people with more severe symptoms are tested, the incidence of mortality is higher than 1%.

In fact, many people are likely to catch the virus without being officially registered – which means that the mortality rate is lower than official data.

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