PM Borissov: Black Sea Not Place For Warships

‘The conflict in the Black Sea is a conflict that common sense should not allow”, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov told the media in parliament, BGNES reported.

”The Black Sea should be a place for tourism, for gas pipelines, not for warships. There are currently no warships in the Black Sea”, Boyko Borissov added on the incident in the Kerch Strait and CNN’s information that the US is planning to send warships to the Black Sea.

”I hope that it is common sense and that one election campaign and internal political problems in another country do not lead to escalation in the Black Sea. If they think we do not understand their plans, they are wrong”, Borisov noted.

”I make every effort. I do not want to talk publicly about what I have done on the subject with colleagues abroad and in Ukraine, etc.”, the Prime Minister added, repeated several times that he was making every effort.

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