Quarantine and PCR Tests for Bulgarians in Several EU Countries

Mandatory PCR test for Bulgarians introduces Cyprus on Monday, June 29. The reason is that the health authorities of the island have already identified several cases of coronavirus infection among tourists from Bulgaria.

Due to the increasing number of infected in our country, Cyprus has changed the classification of our country. Bulgaria already falls into category B – ie. higher risk countries.

As of Monday, Bulgarian tourists traveling to Cyprus must have passed a laboratory test within 72 hours before departure and have a certificate that their COVID-19 test is negative, Trud writes.

Bulgarians entering Estonia, Slovenia and Finland will be quarantined. For Slovenia, it is 14 days, regardless of the status of residence in the country.

The quarantine is also two weeks in Estonia, where a threshold has been set for the percentage of infected – 15 people per 100,000. For Bulgaria the relative percentage is 15.7 for the week of June 22-28. Lithuania is expected to introduce quarantine for Bulgarians if the number of infected people in Bulgaria continues to grow.

Restrictions on entry into Switzerland remain at this stage for third-country nationals residing in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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