Railway To Be Built To Connect Albania & Greece

Albania and Greece will connect with a railway line by building a route from Lerin via Kostur to Pazardzhik. The project will be funded by Interreg-IPA CBS Greece-Albania, reports Darik.

At a meeting in Kostur dedicated to the rail link between the two countries, it was emphasized that the project would be part of the trans-European network.

The Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Transport Thanos Bourdas stressed the importance of the project not only for Albania, Greece and the Western Balkans, but also for the whole of Europe.

The new Lerin-Kostur-Pogradec railway line will be part of the Thessaloniki-Durres-Tirana-Montenegro railways and Serbia, which will strengthen the rail link between the Western Balkans and the Central European region.

Albania plans to connect to the rail line with Kosovo and Macedonia.

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