Revenue Of International Tourism Was 590 Million Euros Between Jan-April 2019

Revenues from international tourism for the first 4 months of the year amounted to nearly 590 million euros.

This is a growth of 4.2% compared to the same period last year”, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova told the participants in the Plovdiv Economic Forum.

12% of the country’s GDP is formed by tourism”, she added.

Nikolina Angelova commented to the journalists and the adopted amendments to the Law on noise. ,,I recall that they provoked dissatisfaction among restaurateurs and publishers, and today they have asked  the head of state to veto the new regulations.

The law is adopted, it has to be respected, everyone has the right to express their opinion,” Angelkova said.

Nikolina Angelova reminded that the Ministry of Tourism has always supported the industry’s proposals to have a special status for the national resorts and this is enshrined in the changes in the Tourism Act.

Local authorities, in our opinion, have to determine together with the business whether and how to have zoning in the national resorts”, she pointed out.

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