SIN Cars Plan To Build 20,000 Cars A Year In Bulgaria

The words “plant” and “car production”, pronounced in one sentence pertaining to Bulgaria, always provoke skepticism (mildly spoken). That’s why a reporter from to the Sin Cars stand in Geneva to talk to Rossen Daskalov and figure out what his plans are, because this topic has been popular over the last month.

“Yes, we are planning a rather small assembly line for the scale of automotive production, which is about 6,000 square meters. What you see here (see the stand) are pre-production prototypes. And of course, everyone asks me how much they will cost.

To be able to answer this question, I have to stand before each supplier and tell him: this month he will take 100 pieces of this, 100 pieces from another, etc. to make a planned production with planned deliveries. In this way, we will be able to make so-called “OE” prices, in other words Original Equipment for initial build-in of major manufacturers.

On March 4th we had talks with a large French company to use their prices and parts they produce. We have other conversations, but the main thing is to make sure that we can assemble the puzzle piece in parts. But that’s why we have to stand in front of suppliers with specific numbers to lower the price. How can we list these items? Well, of course, we need to have orders and produce them. Going back, how can we make these pieces? Well, we need to have the assembly line in question, because that can not happen with the terms we have at the moment. We do our sports racing cars manually, and I want a lot more than that.

That is why we are pushing to make the production line, to make an IPO in Bulgaria. We believe that Bulgaria is the place for our success and our business, because we are the only ones, we love the Bulgarian, with our cars we represent Bulgaria all over the w

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