Slavi Trifonov Talks About The Short-Term Goals Of His New Party

The future party of Slavi Trifonov “No such state” will demand the direct election of the Prosecutor General and the National Ombudsman, as well as the directors of the regional directorates and the heads of the regional departments of the Ministry of Interior, which was the base in one of the points of the referendum initiated by his team . However, as a consequence of the Constitutional Court, this question was eliminated from the national consultation.

The idea was stated in the founding declaration of  “No such state”, adopted by Trifonov’s team.

One of the goals set by the “No such state” PP is to change the electoral system from proportional to majority by an absolute majority in two rounds, and to reduce the number of deputies by half.

The declaration further stated that mandatory voting would be introduced at elections and referendums.

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