Sofia Currently Has Capacity For An Extra 1 Million People

How will you react if we tell you that Sofia has the capacity to be the home for an additional 1 million people?

The largest capacity in the existing buildings has the Mladost 1 and 3 neighborhoods, as well as Ovcha Kupel 2 and Strelbishte,

At present, according to the official statistics of the NSI in 2017, there are 1,325,429 people in the capital. However, according to the arch. Lubo Georgiev, CEO of Sofproekt and head of Vision for Sofia, the city has room for more. This speech he made today at the Residential Forum 2019, where the housing capacity analysis of Sofia Municipality was presented for the first time. The data from it shows clearly: the capacity for building and population has southern and eastern areas of the capital. The analysis is done in three variations – at 30 sq.m. per inhabitant, at 35 sq.m. and 40 square meters, which limits, according to architects, would provide a comfortable clean living area for one person.

In terms of non-built-up properties, however, other capacity leaders are the other – Malinova Valley – West, Manastirski Livadi – East and Gorublyane 1 and 2

The analysis also examines the expansion capacity outside the capital’s construction boundaries. According to the results, the largest capacity of the currently available buildings is Bankya, Vladaya, Novi Iskar and Bistritsa,

And the places where there is the greatest opportunity to build are “German”, “Ivanyane” and “Novi Iskar”

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