Sofia Municipality: Vitosha Mountain ‘Opens’ For Walks From May 3

Vitosha nature park will be re-opened from May 3 for visits by the public, Sofia municipality said soon after Bulgaria’s Health Minister Kiril Ananiev announced that he was lifting the ban on visits to mountains, national parks and nature parks outside cities.

Sofia municipality staff and municipal police will be in charge of organising the movement and parking of cars between Dragalevtsi and Morenite and from Boyana to the Golden Bridges, Vetrovala and Ofeliite.

Between 11am and 2pm, these roads will be closed to cars.

Parking near Aleko hut will be allowed for cars transporting people with disabilities and those with wheelchairs.

The bus service to Vitosha mountain remains suspended, Sofia municipality said.

“When walking in the mountains, keep a distance of at least 2.5 m. When speaking to other people, wear a mask or scarf,” it said.

The huts on Vitosha mountain remain closed.

Sitting on benches and in gazebos remains banned. Gathering in groups is banned. Picnicking is allowed only for members of the same family.

People who do not know Vitosha well but want to go for a walk should use only the marked eco trails, the municipality said.

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