Stanishev Re-elected As President Of European Socialist Party

Sofia/Lisbon, December 8 (BTA) – Former Bulgarian prime minister and ex-chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Sergei Stanishev was re-elected for a third term in office as the President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) duirng PES’ Congress in Lisbon on Friday, Stanishev’s PES office said in a press release.

In an emotional address to the delegates of the congress, Stanishev said that the left-wing political family needs to be united so as to save Europe “from the destructive populism and the arrogance of the European People’s Party (EPP)”.

“The European project is a target of attack from two sides. On the one side are the warring populists of the far-right who want to destroy the achievements of the past 70 years by selling a false nostalgia for the past. On the other side is the arrogance of the EPP who are turning a blind eye to the increasing inequality and the high social price for their policies, which ultimately alienated the citizens from the EU, the institutions and politics,” Stanishev said. He said the way for PES is towards a social Europe, a sustainable economic policy that protects workers and ensures due pay for their work, so that the people in all European countries can afford a decent life.

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Prime Minister Boyko Borissov cabled greetings to Stanishev for his re-election as PES President.

“I am glad that a Bulgarian national is President of the second biggest political family in Europe,” Borissov says in the greetings. LY/ZH

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