Tesla Eyes Expansion In Bulgaria

The company of Elon Musk – Tesla Inc. plans to expand also in Eastern Europe as it seeks to establish itself in more geographical markets. The electric car manufacturer will construct its first fast-charging station from the type Supercharger in Bulgaria in 2020. This is known since 2017 but it wasn’t clear when this would happen untill now. 

The world’s fastest electric vehicle charging network will be located on “Bulgaria” Blvd in Plovdiv near to the junction with “Pobeda” Street. However the exact location could be replaced.

The next day will be the day. “Бългпаия” in Plvovdiv, close to the train station. “Pobeda”, which is the name of the contact person of the interviewee. It is now known that this publication may also be commendable, writes money.bg.

The Supercharger will be part of the route from Norway to Turkey which Tesla is currently building. 

There weren’t any chargers or car dealers in Bulgaria and its Neighbour Countries. The closest service is located in Austria. However it is expected that a service will also be established in Istanbul. The company plans to build more Superchargers in the Balkans region but it is still not clear when this will happen. The closest Supercharger for now is in Belgrade.

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