The State Motor Company To Build 134 Kilometer Road

The State Motor Company will build 134 km of the Hemus highway. At the end of last year, a contract was signed between the company and the Road Infrastructure Agency for the construction of the section from the Boaza junction to the intersection with the Rousse-Veliko Tarnovo road.

The contract amounts to over BGN 1,125 billion excluding VAT, the money being from the republican budget. The entire amount is in a special account with the BNB and the funds from it can be used only for the execution of construction activities under the project.

The 134km stretch is expected to be ready in 2023, with its construction divided into 6 sections of different lengths.

The total length of the Hemus motorway from Sofia to Varna is about 420 km. There are sections between Sofia and Yablanitsa and from Belokopitovo to Varna, which are nearly 170 km. At present, 26 km of the motorway – in the sections between Yablanitsa and Boazza and from Buhovtsi to Belokopitovo – is being built with funds from the republican budget.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works is the sole owner of 100% of the capital of “Motorways”. In recent years, the company has carried out a number of sites of high public interest such as tunnels, viaducts, bridges, asphalt-concrete floors of the Hemus, Trakia, Lyulin, Struma and Maritsa highways.

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