The Sun Is Predicted To Continue To Shine For Another 4.5 Billion Years

The sun goes out for about another 4.5 billion years, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to Director of the Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation named Pushkov RAS Vladimir Kuznetsov.

“The sun is the main sequence in the evolution of stars. This is an indication that the interior of the Sun is steadily going on thermonuclear reaction as the main source of solar energy. The lifetime of a star on the main sequence – the longest in its evolution and is about 90%,” – said Kuznetsov.

The life expectancy of the luminary is about 10 billion years. At the moment it lived for about 4, 5 billion.

“About the same it will still live. The sun emits a constant stream of energy (the solar constant), surface activity of the Sun, associated with flares, mass ejections from the point of view of its global energy, negligible,” he added.

First the Sun will burn hydrogen, then helium and heavier elements. This leads to the fact that it will expand to about the orbit of Venus and turn into a red giant.

In the end of the planet inside the orbit of the Earth will be absorbed by, the Earth itself burned, and the Sun gradually cools, becoming a dead white dwarf. The radius of the lights will be only 10 miles, its density is significantly higher than the density of the metal. To revolve around the Sun-a dwarf will have the remains of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

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