There Are Only 9 Camping Sites In The Whole Of Bulgaria

Decrease of two registered places for camping in Bulgaria, and in 2017 they were only nine, as opposed to 2016 when there were 11 registered places for tents, caravans, campers and more. Even if not all of the places where camping can be regulated in Bulgaria are registered, under no circumstances is Bulgaria approaching France, for example, with over 8000 campsites, to Germany – about 3000 , Italy with over 2300, Spain – with 1300 and others.

Bulgaria is also in the queue by the ratio of the nights spent in camping compared to the hotel accommodation. In 2017 there were 26,054,096 nights spent in hotels and other accommodation and only 58,340 nights in camps. Which is well below 1 percent of total holiday nights. For comparison, the average ratio in the EU is about 12 per cent.

This is the Eurostat data on camping holidays published days ago.

The regulated registered campsites in the European Union in 2017 were 28 400. About two-thirds of these camps are in only four countries: France (28%), the United Kingdom (17%, data for 2016), Germany Netherlands (both 10%).

There is also a serious interest in the holiday of a tent, caravan, camper. In 2017, a total of 397 million were staying in EU camps, representing 12% of all nights spent in tourist sites in the EU.

The three countries with the highest percentage of overnight stays in camps in 2017 are Denmark (33% of all nights in tourist accommodation in the country), Luxembourg (32%) and France (29%).

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