Unemployment In Bulgaria Continues Downward Trend

More than 30% of workers in the EU countries had irregular work schedules, and 33% had so-called. “Floating” start and end of the work day.

The data is for 2018 and was presented at an international trade union conference in Sofia.

The main concern of ”Podkrepa” TU, the organizer of the event, is that these tendencies in the labor market, related to the irregular organization of working hours, lead to unsustainable incomes and insufficient protection of the employee against the employer.

At the same time, Social Minister Bisser Petkov reported a downward trend in unemployment in Bulgaria, which is currently 4.2 percent.

Bisser Petkov, Minister of Labor and Social Policy: In recent years the efforts of the Bulgarian Government have been focused on financial stability, new investments and increasing incomes. The results of these policies are rising employment and falling unemployment up to 4.2%, according to statistics and a pay rise of about 10% annually. The challenge for the labor market is to increase sustainable employment in order to avoid workers’ insecurity and curtail their social rights.

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