Up To 50% Decline In Fuel Sales Due To The State Of Emergency

Fuel sales have fallen by 40-50%, Simeon Pavlov, manager of the Interspide gas station chain in the capital, told BGNES.

Due to low consumption during the crisis, prices also continue to go down, with the industry expecting another fall of 3-5%.

In one of the outlets of the chain, the most popular gasoline 95-H is traded at the price of BGN 1.72 per liter. The same is the price of diesel. Drivers with gas appliances can charge blue fuel at a price of BGN 0.73 per liter, and methane costs BGN 1.17 per kilogram.

“All businesses that work with restaurants, schools and more are no longer charging as much. People who do not work also do not drive cars, which also affects us, ”Simeon Pavlov emphasized. According to him, the situation is difficult from an economic point of view, because it can also affect staff salaries.

“I’m not so optimistic that things will go so fast. The machine stopped. By the time the wheel spins and the machine goes, it may take months, ”he said. 

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